Monday, May 9, 2011

My journey to Mom

Recently it seems our lives revolve around my husband. I don't mind this, but today this being mothers day and all I thought I'd share about how I became the mom, or more the woman I am today.

Me, my Mom, and my little sister Maria

My mom was born in Mexico. Since my mom passed away when I was so young I learned most cultural things from her mom, mi Abuelita. I learned that you should always be able to feed people, even if it's only rice and beans. I learned to always be proud of who I was, even if it seemed that I wasn't enough. My best friends in life are my siblings and my cousins, something I thought was normal until I was an adult and found most people don't know their cousins and love their siblings mainly because they are their siblings. I learned that even when it seems that you don't have enough you always have enough to help someone else. I learned how to be a selfless, more confident person because of this side of my family.

My dad was born in upstate New York. When I was little his parents moved into our house to help him manage us kids. The experience of having my grandparents as part of my everyday life is something I am eternally grateful for and a part of my childhood I wouldn't trade for the world. From my Nana I learned that you are never to old to sit on a lap and be rocked on a rough day. I learned that birthdays are for celebrating,  Nana always made our birthday cakes and decorated them as something amazing. I learned to be honest, and that when you are honest you have nothing to hide. I saw most of the US from the back of an RV with her, something no one can take from me.

These women couldn't be more different. These women couldn't be more the same. They didn't speak the same language, yet at family bbq's you wouldn't know that for they seemed to understand each other just fine. I am not usually a very emotional person, you can ask my sister's they call me heartless, because I don't break down as easily as they do. I blame both of these women. They were both strong willed, stubborn women until the day they died. I'm crying as I write this, mainly because I have such feelings of love and admiration for these amazing people whose footsteps I could never hope to fill, and I still don't think I'm doing them justice. These inspiring ladies lived their lives for one purpose and one purpose only, for family. And today  I live my life for my family, hoping to make them proud in some small way.

To all the amazing moms in my life, Happy Mothers Day!


  1. You are doing their legacies justice by being the amazing person, mom, and wife that you are.

    Great post, Liz. xo

  2. This makes me wonder what our grandchildren will say about us, what will we teach them.


  3. This is a beautiful tribute to the important women in your life!

    I hope you don't mind, Jeremy passed on your blog link. Jeremy and I used to work together and I think I briefly met you at the office one day when I traveled to Sacramento. I really appreciated Jeremy's honest love for his family-- he talked so lovingly about you always. Your blog is a beautiful and honest portrait of life and the challenges you are going through. Your words and writing style do your emotions justice and I am sure you are an inspiration to many people. I think of you guys often and contiue to pray that all is well.


  4. Hi Elizabeth
    I learned more than a few things from those grand ladies myself, sometimes at those same BBQ's
    Always have considered myself very lucky!