Saturday, July 30, 2011

My baby aint a baby!

So as I've said many times over the last few months, I've been planning a birthday party for my baby for awhile (ok possibly a year!) and the time has finally come! After the party one thought came through my mind...My baby isn't really a baby anymore! Funny how when you see him day in and day out you miss the fact that they are getting so big, then you see something like this

and it quickly becomes real how not small they are now! Enough about that on to the fun that was Destruct O's 3rd birthday!

Oliver has been in a crazy superhero phase for awhile now, and since I'm a slightly over the top party person, we all got to be kids for a day! I cut out 20 some capes from fleece, and 40 wrist bands, and a random assortments of decals they could glue onto the cape of there choosing. Initially I thought I'd make them each a cape, but as the party got closer and my stress level increased a brilliant idea hit me...let them make there own capes! They got to have an activity, which meant we all got to have a cold drink for a minute, then they had something to do the entire time! I had planned on taking a gazillion pictures, I wanted to get the yard before it was consumed with small peeps but somehow that never happened. So once again I relied on my fantastic friend Tracy for all the pictures! Thank you Tracy for documenting the chaos!

I made this banner with all the kids names who were at the party over a superhero's emblem! It made the yard much more superhero-ish without a ton of decorations!

Another one of my amazingly talented friends made this beautiful cake for Ollie! She thought it looked like a hot mess, but Elena it was the best hot mess I've ever tasted! :)

At the end of the day I think we all had fun pretending to be Super for a day! I'll leave you with a look back at my not so baby, baby, Oliver Mateo through the years...

AKA - Mama


  1. I wish I was there!! I LOVE the picture with the cake and both boys (they look sooo happy!! I love you Destruct O!! You are so lucky to have your mommy!!!

    I am looking forward to whats to come for you and your family!! XOXOXO