Sunday, September 25, 2011

From the mouth of babes

It's common knowledge to those around me that I am so excited I had boys. The very thought of little girls, well actually teenage girls scares me. Part of my fear is the drama that comes with girls, well people I'm here to tell you we've got a house full of drama! My boys have been extra drama ridden this week, here's a few of the highlights...

Oliver, Thursday night decided to dump most of the toys from the toy room onto the playroom floor. He proceeded to pick up one toy and walk out of the room, we quickly informed him he needed to clean up. Being that this all happened in the midst of bedtime, when his response (which is his usual response when asked to clean these days) came as "but I'm sooooooo tired!" Jeremy said "Ok, well go to bed, but tomorrow you need to clean this mess up."  Morning came and on Friday's while Sawyer is at school Oliver and I have a chance for some one on one time, the plan for this morning was to go to the zoo. One small problem Oliver refused to clean up the playroom. So at 9am when I took Sawyer to school Oliver stayed home.  then at 11:30 when I picked Sawyer up he stayed home, and he was home while Sawyer and I went to the pool with friends. In short our reply to anything he asked to do was "sure, when the playroom is clean" to which he replied "oh, I don't really want to do that!" It took until 6pm before he finally cleaned the room! Wow, that boy has some stamina! I have no idea where he gets his stubbornness from. :)

Sawyer's highlight came this morning when after being reprimanded and told to go to his room to cool off he returns later calm, but with tears trickling down his face, and says "I'm just coming out here to say goodbye, (very dramatic sob) I'm moving out today, and won't be living here anymore!" Seriously where do they get this stuff! Obviously as any good parent would do, I laughed at him.... Then I kindly asked "Where will you be going?" He screams back "Well to my cousins house, of course!" Oh, right, how could I have asked such a silly question? I wasn't trying to be too encouraging of this notion although part of me wanted to say, please be my guest! So I asked if he would give me one last snuggle before he left us, which led to him sobbing in my arms.  He definitely is my sensitive soul.

I hope our little family has been able to put a smile on your face. Feel free to send any unsolicited advise to our temprorary residence in crazy town.

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