Tuesday, November 9, 2010

it takes a village...

Do you ever feel alone? I'm sure everyone does, I certainly do at times, but I feel fortunate to have a village behind me. Right now my husband is working long hours and is maxing out his energy at work, so he is doing what he can at home, but frankly it's not enough. I'm not saying anything he doesn't know, he already feels bad enough about this so I am also not saying this to rub it in his face (although he doesn't read this so I'm not really worried about that) I am just stating what is happening in my life today.  

This weekend I was reminded just how much it takes to make a family run. It takes a village! I luckily have an amazing village! I have friends that live near me who at a moments notice will take my children on days when I am not capable of being a good mom. I have family who at a moments notice will plan trips to visit me when I call crying missing them.  I have a husband who does an amazing job of putting up with the outside world and all the crap it brings his way to provide for his family. I am a very lucky woman.  I know that my entire village will not read this but for those of you that do, please now how lucky I feel to have you all in my life. I cannot express how much each and everyone of you means to me!

Kind of a random photo...except this was when my village was much smaller, this is the last photo taken where I am Liz not mom. This is the night I went into labor and my village started growing very soon after. But it's kind of fun to see where we came from and still see all these smiling faces in my life.


  1. Glad to have such an amazing village as well, and feel blessed to have you as a part of mine and to be a part of yours! On a side note... was this my 21 run?