Saturday, November 13, 2010

see the good

Ok so I feel like I've been in a ranting place lately, and with Thanksgiving just around the corner I feel like I need to be giving thanks for things not complaining! On that note here are a few of the awesome things that have happened to me today:

I am part of an awesome parents group whose members never cease to amaze me! Today I got to help a friend of mine run a garage sale in her yard. Ok that doesn't sound exciting does it? Here's the exciting part all the stuff that we sold had been donated by the parent's groups members and all the proceeds will be going to a needy family at Christmas! Yay Koy! You rock! (p.s we made approx. $500.00) :)))

Next thing that happened today when I was dropping off all the stuff that didn't sell at goodwill there was a family who was also doing a donation run but this really comfy retro leather chair couldn't be donated, so I was a good citizen and took it off there hands! Yay!! I totally scored an office chair (which we didn't have and have been looking for!!) Awesome!!

Lastly can I tell you how much I love SKYPE! If you have yet to try it out I highly recommend it!! So in this day and age where our entire extended family doesn't live within a 10 minute drive (our closest relatives are a 2hr drive) SKYPE is amazing!! Tonight my boys expressed interest in talking to there cousins, so we did:

Except we did more..we saw there cousins too!

And we all get really excited by this,

even Bently!

In a nutshell today I'm grateful that I am able to give back, I'm grateful I have nice things (especially when they fall in my lap), and I'm grateful for technology which helps me to see the ones I love even when they are a 2 states away!


  1. This may be a GREAT way to occupy the kiddos...I think I could get a good 30 minutes from this...;)

  2. forgot to mention how I love that Skype is free!! so it's even that much more fantastic!