Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More the same then different...

All my life I've heard how much I look like my sister. It use to always be the younger one more recently I hear I look like the older one, either way all my life I've heard how much I look like my sister! I'm not really complaining, I think both are beautiful women, I just don't see what others see. I see to very different people.

This is the three of us.
I'm a little sad that the most recent photo I have is of us at my baby shower (my baby is 2) but I guess that's life! Even looking at this I see different people! Maria (right) is such a spit fire you can tell I had to search for the most appropriate pic even when she's posing!!  And then there's Jessica (left) who is always put together and effortless even when hosting a party!! I know this is who they are not what others see but honestly it is ALL I see. 

OK so what's the point of my rant... already my boys are told on a very regular basis how much they look alike, and AGAIN, I can't see it!So I'm doing a side by side age progression photo's to help me see what others see! Plus who doesn't love looking at pic's of there kids! :)

Exhibit A:

Sawyer the day he was born

Oliver the day he was born

Exhibit B:

Sawyer's 1st Birthday

Oliver's 1st Birthday
Exhibit C:
Sawyer's 2nd Birthday

Oliver's 2nd Birthday

I know this is probably all very random, but I see such different boys and love them so differently I am honestly confused by the similarities people see! I am trying to open my eyes to the idea that they are more the same then different!


  1. Love love love that blog :) makes me want to get pics of my kids out right now! You definitely need a more recent pic of you, maria and jessica! There is no way that is the only one you have...your boys look different to me but I can see YOU in both of them for sure! love you!

  2. Hahaha! I love this one. Don't you remember when we would go to the mirror and cover the top half or bottom half of our faces and would look exactly the same! I dont remember if it was the nose down or the nose up that was identical, but its there! Love you tons, cant wait to take a picture of JUST US at Thanksgiving! Lol.

  3. I am a bit sad that you do not want to look like me?! just kidding!! however...we are pretty cute!


  4. I think I know your sisters and I am pretty sure that Maria is the one on the left and Jessica is the one on the right... unless you're going to claim that you meant "in your right hand"... The woman on the right of the picture is Jessica. And I made myself laugh because Jessica is NEVER on the right, dang liberals!

    I like your blogo Lizo. I am not a regular follower but it is cool to check in and see all the good stuff (and even some of your stress) on display for us!

    Love ya-