Saturday, December 25, 2010

Venice Beach!

So this is rather long overdue but as they say "better late than never!"

We spent Thanksgiving this year in southern California with my family and decided before the chaos of the holiday we should add a little chaos called Disneyland into the mix!!

My brother and his family flew down on Monday and we spent the day at Venice Beach!

Want to know how to make a boy very happy...big trucks on the beach!
Want to know how to make Mama very happy...a smiling boy!
Mama Cora! (Oliver's second mama!)
Cousin Fun!
A super fun day all around!

More to come soon (I promise) :)


  1. I have to say that I think this was the best day i can recall in a LONG time!!! Happy kids, happy adults! A lovely cali day. Shared with ones we love.

    PS we missed you lunas:)