Sunday, December 26, 2010


So as anyone who has been to Disneyland as a parent can agree there is one word to describe it: CHAOS!! Luckily the lil people don't see it this way, so to avoid my rant about the insanity of Disneyland with 9 children under 9, I am going to do a photo display of all the fun times had by all!


After a yummy breakfast, we walked over to Disneyland!
I agree Mia!

Dancin' fools!
Best place to eat lunch in Disney! Kids watch a show and eat!
And they say Disneyland is for the kids!
This is the face when she saw Santa in the parade!!
Super Excited Papa!
2 Mama's who are ready to call it a day!
By far the best part for my kids was the parade!
And with that we called it a day!