Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Birthday Fun!

So since my absence in posting a horribly terrific thing happened, my baby turned four! Four, four, four... I remember being little and thinking 20 was old and 50 was dead! Now that I'm somewhere between old and dead I can't believe how old a number like four can seem. I can't believe that four years ago I was holding an infant in my arms completely amazed at how much you could love someone you had never seen before. And now four years later I still can't believe how much I can love someone who I've known for such a short time but I'm more amazed that he barely fits in my arms anymore! Four!

21inches, 8lbs 5oz

Now that I'm done crying I'll move onto the fun stuff!  Since Sawyer's birthday is a week before Christmas it's a challenge for me to figure out a party. I want it to feel like a birthday not Christmas, which is hard when there is a Christmas tree in your living room. Usually when we have a party I like the kids to play outside but when it's pouring outside again it's a little challenging to do that. So this year we had a small party at Funtastic. It's like a big McDonald's play area. I love it, because I can see the kids at all times, they are always tired when we leave, and usually I am able to chat with my friends while they play. The kids had a blast, the parents drank sangria, and at the end of the day I think it was a success.

So happy brother is around to have a birthday!
Look at that wet head!
FOUR candles is a lot!

With all this excitement we didn't open presents until the following morning. Which was actually his birthday, so we had donuts and open gifts it was a great way to start your birthday!
Pillow Pets, how the world survived without them before we will never know!
Jaxson loved the wrapping everyone used!
I love the excited faces!
Happy Birthday to my Fantastic four year old boy!! I love you Sawyer and it's beyond my wildest dreams getting to watch you grow up!

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