Monday, January 3, 2011

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas...

We had a great Christmas this year! So much so that next year I think we will be scaling back the greatness. At the end it started to feel like stuff instead of OMG stuff!! :)  But either way it was an amazing Christmas! To start things off we had a yummy dinner on Christmas eve with Grandma and Grandpa Joe, then we opened one present was our Christmas PJ's of course!

Isn't the excitement palpable! :)

Then Grandma and Grandpa Joe read stories to the boys and it was off to bed to wait for Jolly St. Nick!

The next morning we opened everything else. From my view behind the lense I've decided there's two ways to open stockings and my boys demonstrate them quiet well...
the dump

 the individual grab
Here's a few of the highlights that have helped inspire next years downsize! One of their favorite gifts was a train set made by there aunt Melissa! She painted trains to spell the boys names!

The other one is a toy chest made by Bopbop (my dad). My only concern (which has already been voiced to Bopbop is that there is only ONE toy chest!) :)

And the highlight of my Christmas is something which can not be photographed!! Get your mind out of the gutters!! OH wait maybe only my mind went there.... :) Anyhow I got a house cleaner for a year for Christmas, or as I like to tell my husband he got a sane wife. Personally I think it's a win win situation! I love you babe!

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