Saturday, January 22, 2011


I may be ranting and tooting my own horn a little in this blog so either look away or enjoy the train wreck!

I am not sure I will ever understand how it has become completely acceptable to not teach your child manners! I hear kids ALL the time say things to their parents like "I want milk." "I said I WANT MILK!" I'm not  going to pretend these words have never come out of my kids mouths but the response they get is "Oh that's nice" as I turn and leave the room. Or I say "well then what do you need to say?" Why parents allow their children to speak to them in a way that if it came out of the mouth of an adult you would be offended is beyond comprehension to me! If my job as a parent is to teach my children to be functioning adults in today's society then I need to teach them how to interact with people in a way where they are understood and accepted not set them up for failure.

I am a woman raising two boys. Two boys who will grow up to be two men. Two men who will treat every other woman in there life based on the relationship that grows between them and me. I take that responsibility very seriously! Times may be changing, but there are some things that will never change. The sight of a boy walking up to your door with flowers will always make a girls heart skip a beat every time no matter if you are going on your first date, celebrating your 8th anniversary or just because it's a Friday night! I want my boys to understand this.

I am fortunate to have a loving, respectful relationship with my husband. My kids get to see there papa tell me I'm beautiful and ask me politely if I will get him a glass of water, or ask me if I would like one. We are equals. Although my job doesn't bring in a paycheck to provide us electricity, there is no question that what I do on a daily basis is a job. I know this may seem a very scattered post but I truly believe this all comes back to manners! My prayer today is that one day my grown men will be compassionate, confident, affectionate people who treat everyone with respect.

Me and my boys!


  1. I knew I was preaching to the choir with you Kim! :)

  2. My first time to your blog and you are now a "favorite". I have 2 boys (one girl) and I am with you all the way sister. My oldest is 19 now and my youngest is 12 and they are THE BEST little gentlemen ever...knock-knock. You have the right idea. Keep blogging-Im interested in your journey!