Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bad guys beware....

Just another typical Sunday at Kasa Kennish...

Crime fighters have to get an early start so the usual 5:45am wake up is a must! Luckily the unobtrusive mama has realized this and has the coffee pot at the ready. As the coffee brews breakfast number one (cereal and milk) is on the table, as soon as the rush has set in, coffee for mom sugar cereal for the boys, it's off to the couch for a little show and to pretend we don't notice each other.

A good thing can only last so long, so by 7:30 we are looking for danger around every corner and have decided today we are going to fight the masses together instead of fighting each other!

So it's off to be creative... super hero's need to hide there identity so masks are a must. Along with the obvious super hero tag line belt, and rain boots make great super shoes! Today Super Sawyer and Destruct-O are requesting capes so hopefully this mama can tackle being creative and try and get a few moments to whip out some incredible capes!

More adventures of Super Sawyer and Destruct-O coming your way soon!

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