Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Public Service Announcement

Today's PSA is brought to you by the letter B! B is for BLOOD. If you haven't ever or at least in a while please consider donating blood soon. I know this sounds corny but blood donation saves lives. It is very likely that in the near future Jeremy will need a blood transfusion or at the very least a blood plasma transfusion. I see blood bank commercials and advertising everywhere, but how often do you really think of yourself as  the one receiving that blood. I believe most people think "I don't need to because somebody else will donate  blood". As one of those other people who has been donating blood for a lot of my life, I can tell you it really isn't that big of a deal...and even if it isn't your thing whole blood donation is done in under 20 minutes! Who doesn't have 20 minutes of  time to literally save a life???

Okay, now on to the second part! This public services announcement is also brought to you today by the number 10! 10 inches of hair is all you need to be able to donate for Locks of Love to create a wig for a person who has lost hair to any medical diagnosis. I have never done this, but as of today I am growing my hair to be able to donate it. This will be a rather difficult thing for me since I love my short hair! I actually considered shaving it (to support my husband when he loses his) but decided this would actually help someone out where as shaving it would only be for me (I've always wanted to but was afraid my family would institutionalize me like Brittney) :)). So I'm growing my hair out, and when I have 10 inches I may just shave it! Now isn't that a win-win! Well except maybe my husband won't see it that way!

Consider this...My family will all be getting flu shot's this year, and sparing you all of my issues with vaccines, I'll tell you this isn't something we do every year (or ever) but this year to keep Jeremy healthy we are all getting one. To be able to explain why he need to get a shot I told my son Sawyer ,who is 4, that his Papa had been to the Dr. a lot lately, and that he had been poked a lot lately, and that he is sick, and that there is one thing we can do to help keep him healthy. He asked me what we could do (with genuine concern in his eyes) and I proceeded to tell him we could all get one shot. He wasn't thrilled but he said "OK mom, we can do it! We can get ONE shot so Papa stays healthy!" So Wednesday Sawyer and Oliver will be getting there flu shots, I got mine yesterday! Now ask yourself what one thing you can do for someone who is going through what my family is going through. Can you donate blood? Can you donate your curly locks? :)

This is me today at Peet's while I was writing this, note 2 things:
1-My hair length is at it's longest point at my shoulder..Ahhh it's going to be a long journey!!!
2-What the heck is up with the bags under my eyes!! Ewe!! That's so not cute! I'm going to have to work on that situation!


  1. Giving blood is super easy and doesn't hurt (much at all). I used to give all the time. Need to do it again (can't while preggo). In addition to day-to-day needs, the Red Cross needs a sufficient supply on hand for emergencies.

    I'm growing my hair out, too. I'm a long way behind you. Maybe I'll grow it 10 inches for LOL too! Jake would probably love that.

  2. Funny, I have actually been thinking of donating a pint or two. Joe has a rare blood type, so if he gives, they contact him all to often to come back to give more, but I am sure he can be persuaded. I will need someone to hold my hand after all!

    I'm letting my hair grow out, but not sure my hair will even grow that long at my age!! I'll try.

    Tell the boys I am proud of them for getting a flu shot for their papa.

    Lastly, you look great!

  3. There's some research that suggest giving blood actually equates to better health as well. Who couldn't use the extra karma points at least?