Monday, February 7, 2011

When life gives you lemons...make a martini!

Not exactly sure what makes two people who have gone through the same situation see it differently, but something about each person makes us see things are own way. I have always been a glass half full kind a person. Don't really know why but hell it seems a better way to live then expecting the world to crash around you at any moment. This last week has tested me in so many new ways.

The first and longest test: Patience! Apparently I have no patience! Jeremy had surgery last Monday, and today it is Monday again and we still know nothing about what he is fighting! Today we have an appointment at the Cancer center and I'm hoping they are going to give us a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

The second test: Gratitude! Like I said before I usually see the good, but in a week as rocky as the last one I could be in a very dark place by now, except I have amazing friends and family! My little sister came up and took care of my kids all last week. She got to play mommy and let me tell you by the end of one week she looked tired! :) The stress it saved me tho is something for which I will be eternally grateful. My friends started making freezer meals for us, another thing that has been enormously helpful. Other friends brought me a glass of wine the first night in the hospital and took me out for drinks the first night home. Thank God for alcohol! :) All around I have been very grateful for the people in my life! The nonstop stream of well wishers through either facebook, my blog, my cell phone, and emails have been a saving grace for me... So thank you all!! I know I have not responded to any but please know that I am receiving them and they are making me smile!

Anyhow today it is very hard for me to focus...I've walked away from this blog posting three times and come back and added a sentence here and there (i hope you can't tell) Today we are expecting to find out exactly what type of cancer Jeremy is fighting as well as his treatment course. On a day when a distraction or two would be nice, my house is as quiet as a mouse. My other sister has taken my boys for the week (another thing to be extremely grateful for) and the boys could not have been more thrilled!  Hopefully I will be able to do another posting today or tomorrow and fill you all in on the great news that we are fighting an extremely curable, non-invasive form of cancer!

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