Sunday, March 13, 2011

An amazing day!

So I've started this post about three times and can't exactly put into words what I want to say. So I'm going to start with the fact that my sister is an amazing woman! Jessica owns a children's consignment store and runs it with my little sister Maria. Jessica had the fantastic idea to hold a benefit fundraiser for my family at her store. She got all my aunts, cousins, and some of her local friends to bake and then asked all our family to come run the bake sale. I can't even explain to you how amazing that day was! I love helping people out, but being on the receiving end is kinda hard! I cried telling people about my husband (and I haven't really been that emotional about it all) then I would get emotional due to the generosity of family, friends, and complete strangers! It truly was a day I will never forget! I know I am not doing it justice so I'm going to share some pics from that day, and hopefully you will see a little of what I felt!

I arrived late Friday night to a baking frenzy!
Cant' you see the concentration!
The cleaning crew! :)
Saturday Morning arrives with swarms of helpers!
One of my Aunts and Uncles who showed up at 9 to help set up!
Michael rocked the sales in his apron!
Look at all those goodies!
The big picture!
All my cousins who came to help man the bake sale!
A face painter and balloon guy even came and donated their time!
Cutie Pies!
Kids loved the face painting!
More amazing cousins!
All of my cousins kids played while we worked!