Friday, April 8, 2011

Creating a Monster

Today I'm feeling a little like I'm raising monsters.  So in that spirit for all of you who are wondering how to turn sweet little angels into raving lunatics I'm going to give you 5 tips to help you on your quest.

1: Allow them to talk to you as if you are their servant.

2: Be sure to make a lot of threats and never follow through on any of them.

3: Be sure to let them to hit you. (it encourages that fact that you are their servant)

4: Their  diet should consist of mainly processed food and very few fruits and vegetables.

5: Be sure that you and your significant other allow different behaviors. (it helps them get what they want from someone depending on the day)

It's really not fair that they look this cute! I guess if they didn't it would be really hard not to drop them at the nearest fire station! (oops did I say that!)  Enjoy your weekend and I hope that I have helped you on your journey to turning your sweet child into that monster kid you've always dreamed (or at least had nightmares) about! :)~


  1. Good Friday to you to my dearest sister. Good luck with those mansters.

    el Ken

  2. Here is the problem- you do none of those things so how do they get so wild?

    Happy Friday,


  3. Dont worry!! Auntie Maria is coming at the end of the month to further their confusion and beat some confidence out of them ;-).

    Love you guys

  4. Good luck my friend! You are a great Mom and are lucky too, as they are so very cute. Happy Friday