Monday, April 4, 2011

My week in Pics

So my friend Kim every week does this thing called Grab a beer and look what I did last week, and I love it! I love how you can have a bad day but it's hard to have a horrible week! I'm not saying it doesn't happen but usually I can find one thing from everyday that was good, thus making the week seem like it was good! This week was AWESOME by the way, so I figure it's a good week to start with! I'm starting with last Monday and going to yesterday (Sunday) hope you enjoy seeing what we did last week!

Monday: Jeremy had a small surgery in the morning but by the evening we were able to enjoy our first dinner outside for the year! Many more dinners outside to come!

Tuesday: Was Jeremy's birthday so we celebrated with homemade pizza with friends and my friend Elena made his cake (because I am not a baker) and let me tell you it was some yummy cake!

Wednesday: we went to the farmers market in Davis. This is always so much fun! How can you beat live music, bounce houses, climbing walls, great food, and of course beer all with friends!

Thursday: We spent the afternoon at Kim's house playing in the sprinklers! Yay for the sun!! Which tuckered the boys out!

Friday: We spent the morning at the zoo with friends.

Saturday: Jeremy and I went to San Francisco for the night! The weather was gorgeous and perfect for walking around fisherman's wharf. It was a great little get away thanks to my sister for getting us a room and Jeremy's mom and dad for coming over and watching the kiddos. Sawyer was sick when we left but insisted that he would be ok because grandma would take care of him! Gotta love grandma's!!!

Sunday: We concluded the week (or started the next one) with a sick little man and mom snuggling in the afternoon sunshine!

We are all feeling good today and are going to enjoy this week!


  1. Such big smiles, it must have been a good week! Hope Sawyer feels better soon

  2. I LOVE it!!! Glad you played along, even if you can't figure out the button ;-)

  3. Sounds like a great week! Happy Birthday Jeremy! April is a great month to celebrate. I hope all is going well.