Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mini-Vaca...part 1

So last week was Easter weekend and with Jeremy's doctor's approval we finally went on a little family vacation. It wasn't a very long trip but it was great to see family and even better to feel like a normal family again. The trip was broken up into mini-stays with different people so I'm trying to blog for the next few days about each stay. The first was to visit Jeremy's family where we celebrated Easter and the boys enjoyed a great egg hunt.

After the hunt we went on a walk to the park a few blocks away. Jeremy's younger cousins came with us and if you don't have older kids for your younger kids to play with, FIND some!!! It's great to know that your kids are having a blast and little is being done on my part! :)

On the walk over

Hmm, and  I wonder where Sawyer gets it!
My vantage point, the best seat in the house!
All tuckered out!
It really was a great day and everyone had fun! We got to catch up with all of Jeremy's Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents while the boys played till there hearts content!

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