Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Morning Sanity

Since getting un-crazyed I have become a much better mom again. I have gotten use to my boys waking up at 5:30 but the only thing I had done about it was get use to the fact that I'm a cranky b!#@h of a mom at that hour. Now that I apparently am able to cope with my life again and have devised another plan of attack to conquer my hatred of mornings.

Every night I try and clean up the kitchen, because nothing starts my day off worse than walking into a messy kitchen! Then I prep the coffee pot, because nothing puts a smile on my face at 5:30 like coffee! Lastly I set the kitchen table. I don't put dishes on it tho, I put a craft for the kids. The first day I just put out some crayons and colored paper wondering if it would buy me time to sit with my cup of coffee. It did!! I even got to watch a little bit of the news! I was so excited the next night I thought I'd try again this time I put out play dough and some cookie cutters. Again a cup of coffee and at least 1/2 hour of news later we were all much happier people then the week before.

I took some pics to let you enjoy my morning routine as much as I do! :)

I didn't think to photo the play dough pre kids! :)

What the table looks like before...
What it looks like after!
I love that they are doing something together!
I didn't leave these on my table like this but one morning they woke to a make your own breakfast!


  1. What a great idea! You are very clever!

  2. well done. It was decided last night at my house that your cooking skills are pretty enviable. I think I heard, "she could cook poop and we would all love it!" It looks like your crafting and time managment doesn't want to get left behind. Nice

    el hermano

  3. Oh I LOVE this idea Liz! I'm sooooo doing this come summer time!!!! Much better than waking up to the sound of the Wii game!