Thursday, May 12, 2011

My free therapy

Earlier I said I was planting a garden because it's something I really enjoy, well I planted it and now it's growing. I'm so excited by this!! It's not like I thought it wouldn't grow, I've had gardens in the past, it's always just the thought that I made it happen that thrills me. This year I've really tried to tackle my backyard. We love hanging out back there in the summer (really year round who am I kidding) but I've never really thought our backyard had character. It has a retaining wall that I don't really care for, and behind that a huge sound wall that I've always felt was just ugly. I can happily report that the sound wall now has much more character and the retaining wall is now the home to some of fabulous wall art! My little sister Maria came up to visit the boys and I a few weeks ago and she thankfully made my vision a reality. She is much more artistic than I am so when I wanted my sound wall painted (but was scared I would completely ruin it) she took her ability and turned my wall into fun yard art. I love having someone who can help me do the fun things I want to do without it looking like a two year old did it, which is what would have happened had I done it. If you haven't guessed Maria is the "fun Auntie" and yes I realize I will ridiculed for saying that by all the other Aunties, even tho we all know it's true. :) Anyhow the morning watering and weekly maintenance has become a like a free therapy session for me. I look forward to those quiet moments.

Here's a few pics of my new obsessions

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