Sunday, June 5, 2011

Grab a glass of water...

Since I'm supposed to eating better and exercising more I'm encouraging you to go grab a glass of water and see what I did this week. If you need something stronger I won't tell! This weeks pics are all edited using my instagram app on my phone. Enjoy!

I started the week at a friends house with a bbq....before you call cps it's an empty bottle

Moving on a Dr. Visit for the lil one....nothing major but a urologist visit is next to give you a hint as to the nature of the visit.
I took a nap with the dog! That was glorious! I don't remember my last nap!
Took the boys to swim lessons which is becoming less of a struggle
Took the hubby for a scan, while he was in I got to look at this....for an hour!
I had 4 extra kids come over for a sleepover
and when I woke up they were all still here...
We ended the week by un-boxing the wii fit we've had since Christmas! FYI it's mean!! It made my character a lil rolly polly thing because of my height to weight ratio input. Just because it's true doesn't mean I should look the same on the tv...doesn't it know I see myself daily!


  1. Thanks for offering to watch my kids AND not losing them.

    I've heard that Wii fit thing is mean - calling normal people obese. WTF?

  2. I recognize that swim place-- we start lessons again on Tuesday. Love it there!

  3. Jax was a little bummed that we only let him such on the beer bottle once it was empty.

  4. Wii said Jeremy who has recently lost a significant amount of weight is the heaviest he can be and still be in the healthy not overweight category! I have a hard time believing that!