Monday, June 6, 2011

The beauty of Cali

So I know I was just complaining about the weather, but even in this sunless patch of rain we have been in, I am very lucky to live in California. Year round we have a farmer's market with an amazing array of food. Did you notice I said food, not fruits and vegetables? Truly we have all kinds of food you can buy beef, oysters, eggs, cheese, wine, vinegar, and of course great fruits and vegetables. This weekend I went without the kids, hmmm possibly why I'm lovin the market so much today, and came home with some great finds. We go through a lot of berries in this house.  I'm hoping the sight of all the fresh food will someday inspire my boys to be conscious of the things they eat. I also dream of the day they eat something green, but today I'm happy that we ate something new, fresh and that they said it was yummy!

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