Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm starting this post with a little homage to my childhood, recently my kids have started watching RainbowBrite on tv....and I couldn't be happier! I use to love this show so the fact that they like it is thrilling to me.  Anyhow on to the real reason for the post, I've been working on my urban farm recently and it's really starting to bloom! We built a chicken coop in hopes that one day soon we would have chickens, really in hopes we would have fresh chicken eggs. The coop turned out beautifully!

  The day we got it all painted and ready for a chicken the weirdest thing happened! I got a text from my friend Kim telling me someone in our parents group had just posted that they found a chicken in there yard, and that they needed a home for it. Needless to say I jumped right on that!! So cyber world I'd like to introduce the newest member of the family Starlite!

Isn't she pretty! Oh and the best part is...

Fresh eggs!! It's been quite an experience and I'm loving every minute so far!


  1. The coop came out soooo great. I love the hand prints. I saw the post on bigtent about the chicken. So glad you got it- it was meant for you! How awesome to have eggs immediately. Chicks are cute, but there is definitely something to having eggs right away!

  2. Love it! Your coop is awesome and Starlite is gorgeous!

  3. I love it! I also love that I can use your chicken as a test to see if I would be able to manage having them.


  4. So fun Liz! Starlite is a cutie.

  5. Your coop looks great. Enjoy Starlite and her eggs!