Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a charmed life

It feels like forever since I've been able to sit down and vent. Tonight I'm ignoring the mountain of laundry in the other room....

....I think every article of clothing we own is there! And taking a moment for me.  Thought I'd share what's making me smile lately.

Often the boys say something hilarious and I always say I need to write that down, so tonight I thought I'd share one of those things, so I can remember it in years to come. The current smile maker happened the other day when we were going to a bbq at a friends house and I was getting ready when Oliver walks in and says "Mom why do you look so beautiful?"   I know he meant why are you wearing makeup because it's a rare occasion when I do, but either way it made my week! Oliver is currently the one pushing my buttons, so having a reason to smile when I think of him is a good thing.

Last week a friend of mine from high school unexpectedly was in the neighborhood and stopped by for a visit. We had a great time (although it was much too short) and even though my boys literally jumped on him, hit him with pillows, and of course played super hero's he seemed unfazed! I thought for sure the visit would be a short one because it started the second he walked in the door, but he actually hung out for awhile! Yay!! It was a rainy day and the boys loved having someone to get their yaya's out with it! The visit was great but the fact that after he texted asking to buy one of my children (which after much consideration I declined) makes me smile, because I must be doing something right if someone actually wants one of my kids! :)

Lastly my cousin and her two kids came to visit. We are about as polar opposite as you can get when it comes to being put together. She always looks amazing, her kids always have perfect outfits down to the socks and shoes they are wearing, and I think the only time I've seen a dish in her sink is when I put it there! I on the other hand usually leave the house without make up and with my wet hair in a pony tail. My boys dress themselves so you can guess it usually doesn't match and there is always a pile of dishes in my sink.  Funny thing is we both think the other one has it figured out. Anyhow one day I had all the kids to myself for an hour and in that one hour her daughter ended up half naked completely dirty and had the biggest smile on her face!! This makes me smile


  1. Half naked and dirty = Happy kids.

    Love your new header.

  2. You do have it figured out! We are total opposites but I think that makes us go to eachother for help and advice. On the other hand I'd like to think my kid is happy even if she has clothes on and is clean;) it was a great visit and we miss you already!!