Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The continuing saga of Destruct-O!

So I realize I have 2  months before Oliver's 3rd birthday, but since his obsesion over super hero's has yet to go anywhere I figured I should start moving on his party favors. Oliver or Destruct-O, as we have so fondly renamed him around here,  really wants a super hero birthday party. Since I have nothing else going on in my life, I thought it would be fun to make capes for the kiddos as the party favor. I was really intimitaded by the thought of making these capes, but one Saturday I sat down and decieded to make two for my boys and see how they turned out.

Drum roll please.....

I think they turned out soo fun! And the best part is they really only took about 10 minutes each! So even with my usual procrastination I should be able to finish before Oliver turns 3!! After my friend Elena's daughter saw them she quickly asked if I could make her one. This again made me feel they were a success, especially since I haven't seen her play super hero's much (she's much more a fancy nancy kinda girl) this is her cape. Which we gave her last weekend on her birthday and I wish I had a pic of that because she rocked the cape look!

Oliver never wears pants when he plays super hero's and he always has to have boots on. These things seem very obvious to him, but I never noticed how most Super's seem to have undie type bottoms on and of course they all rock the boots! He may have his mama's thighs but man he sure knows how to flaunt them!


  1. Great job, Liz! You should make yourself a cape, SuperMom!

  2. Liz -
    We did 2 super hero birthdays and 2 star wars birthdays and I am telling you the easiest cake decorating that makes the most sense for both... The boys love all the characters so instead of buying them and wrapping them and then ordering a cake for a ridiculous amount I bought the figurines and washed the ones they already had and put them all over the cake that I baked and table - It was FABULOUS! Everyone loved it. I will email you pictures. But, before I forget - those capes ROCK! I love them. Are they felt? So cool.

  3. I love the capes- my superheroes are very happy with them.