Saturday, July 9, 2011

A picture speaks 1000 words...

A few weeks ago I blogged about how Jeremy had recently done a scan that showed no cancer left in his body. Well we went back to the oncologist and I had to take pictures to show you all! I seriously sit and stare at these sometimes and am amazed by what I see. I know that for me it was hard to comprehend exactly how much cancer was in his body. What was easy for me to see was a guy who would come home from work and fall asleep playing with his kids, a guy who coughed so much he now slept sitting upright, a guy who was starting to look like a shell of his previous self. Now looking back I wonder how we didn't know months before how sick he really was.

Amazing, right?

These last few treatments have taken a lot more of a toll on Jeremy than the first half. It's easy to understand why when you look at these pics. Before they would inject him with all these nasty drugs and 2 days later he would feel better than before, because all the drugs had done was kill cancer. Now they inject him with the same nasty drugs, and there is no cancer to kill, so he takes a hit. As I type this Jeremy is asleep behind me, he received his second to last chemo treatment yesterday. That's right, we have one left! It isn't the end of the road but it's definitely progress.


  1. I am SO FREAKING happy to see these pictures!!!!!! Love you guys!!!

  2. I am elated to see these pics and here how well things are progressing. You are awesome Liz and you have a beautiful family. xoxo The Moores

  3. That is great news! Wishing Jeremy clear scans in the future too:)