Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Any other day

The fun never ends around here! So today we went in and met with Jeremy's surgeon for his post-op check. The good new is everything is healing nicely and his surgeon is a super sweet guy. He's closed every post-op appointment with "well it was nice seeing you, but I hope I never do again!" He's uber polite, always professional and yet somehow still a very normal guy. Trust me I've come to realize not all Dr.'s act like normal people, some get stuck in there own "I'm a Dr you are a patient world" lucky for us he is not one of them. The bad new is that the pathology came back on the lymph nodes they removed and it was cancerous nodes that were removed.

Soooo we are not done. He couldn't tell us much more then that, because he isn't an oncologist, but we will be seeing Jeremy's oncologist on Friday to get the details of the treatment to come. We expect based on our last conversation that the next course of treatment is going to be a bone marrow transplant, where he will be hospitalized for a month. As is to be expected we are in a little bit of shock right now, Jeremy just left to go see a movie, I'm blogging, and luckily my children are blissfully unaware. The sound of their laughter is actually echoing out of the bathroom where they are bathing right now, for that I am grateful tonight.

And for the beers Jeremy and I enjoyed after another long day. Salud!


  1. Thinking of you. Trying to figure out how I can fix it, make it go away, or at least ease the pain.


  2. Thank you for sharing, you're in my thougths and prayers. -Jeff

  3. We also had some beers after the news...not enough but it helps a little

  4. Having been there I feel for you very much. The good news and Thank God is that they found it and will treat it right away! You are all in our prayers and hearts!