Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Send a little love my way...update

So a quick update, we saw the Dr. today and he can't get Jeremy into surgery until the 25th. Ahhh another week of stress! And actually he said he may have to move us from the 25th to Sept 1st if he doesn't have enough time that day. So now that game that we have perfected of waiting, and waiting, and stressing, and eating all day (well at least me) and waiting begins again! In the good new portion of this info, the Dr. does not anticipate him being in the hospital overnight. That could change just depending on how deep below the muscle it is, but if it is as simple as he thinks it will be an in and out procedure. Someday I'll convince Jeremy to let me take a pic of him without his shirt on, he's becoming quiet a canvas of scars. He asked the Dr. today if he would do stitch this incision up in the shape of a "Z" like Zorro. The Dr. laughed and said he could, but he would probably get in trouble sooo he won't. Anyhow I hate waiting and I know some of you have been waiting to hear what's going on so there it is. More waiting!

Thanks for all the Love!

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