Sunday, August 14, 2011

Send a little love my way

So this weekend Jeremy and I got a little escape with out the kids, thanks to Grandma & Grandpa! I promise I will do a post with all our camping adventures from this summer, but tonight I need to ask for more prayers, love, positive thoughts, anything good you can do for my family! On Friday just as we were reaching the trail head that would lead us into the "wilderness" for 2 days (without cell coverage) Jeremy's phone rang. I was kinda surprised because I thought we were already out of range, anyhow it was his Dr. and she had some...I don't wanna say bad, but unsettling news. Jeremy's last pet scan had shown a lymph node that was "active". They had seen this lymph node in all his other scans but it had been "inactive".

This call comes 3 days before he was supposed to start radiation. Radiation is our last step. Radiation has been the down hill slide we were waiting for on what has been months of an uphill climb. So what now? We aren't starting radiation tomorrow, we are scheduling surgery. It sounds like a rather simple procedure from the short explanation we got, but we will know more tomorrow. During surgery the Dr. will remove the lymph node, and it will be biopsied to see if it is in fact cancerous or not. If it is not cancerous all we have done is delayed radiation a bit. Really no big deal. If it is cancerous we are looking at a month long stay in the hospital for Jeremy where he will receive, as the Dr. put it, "the worst chemo of your life." Sounds horrible doesn't it?! I can't tell you how much we both don't want that to be the answer we hear.

So dear family and friends, again we ask you to be thinking of us this coming week! I know this is nothing new to you guys. Jeremy and I discuss daily (honestly it is daily) how amazing our family and friends are! We both know this road could have been much worse had we not had all the love and support of such fantastic people. We love you all and someday hope we can better express how grateful we are to have you all in our lives!

A sneak peak at this weekends adventure!


  1. Here I go crying again. It will work out. Regardless of what it is, it will work out. Jeremy will be fine and you and your family will be stronger.

  2. Fucking cancer.

    Of course you're in our thoughts. Love to you all!!!

  3. Love you guys. Anonymous Loves the Kennishes... God Bless you all. Praying for good news.

  4. We are praying for you. love you both!
    Meg & Steve

  5. We are praying for better news from the biopsy. Good thoughts all the time.