Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Sunday, Grab a beer and check us out

Once again I'm sharing our week with you via pictures. I feel like all my posts lately have been downers and seeing my 'lil monkeys smiling faces is anything but a downer so....

I started the week with two little guys in my bed. Since Jeremy was still in the hospital my big bed felt quite empty.

Monday morning while Sawyer was at school, Oliver and I went to break Papa out! He was so excited that he was coming home!

Then Tuesday Oliver started school! He wasn't sure he was excited about it, but by Thursday he was all smiles when I went to pick him up.

Sawyer and I had a day date to the zoo, where he got to see a snake up close and personal. He wasn't sure he liked that!

Sawyer and I also got a chance to go out to breakfast together this week!

Friday we went to play at a friends house where the kids all ended up running through the sprinklers in their undies...Well almost all the kids, Lily thought they were crazy, as you can see by her face here.

Lastly we finished the week with Sawyer's second soccer game of the season. I know we aren't keeping score but we may have a 2-0 record! :)


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  1. Ahhhh....that sprinkler picture will take on an entirely different meaning in a few short years...