Sunday, January 1, 2012

Grab a case and look what we did last month

I sometimes link up with my friend Kim for her weekly recaps, but I've been MIA for awhile so I thought I'd give you a brief run down of basically my last month. So instead of a beer you may need a few beers...or maybe that's just me who lived it. (:  I feel like so much has happened its hard to believe it hasn't even been a months since my last post. I'll try to keep it brief:

Dec 2- Jeremy checks in for bone marrow transplant. He checked into a private room where no one was allowed to enter without a robe on, and the kids couldn't visit at all.
Dec 7-10- My dad and his wife come down to visit....or to work! They so graciously ripped out the carpet in my house and put down a wood laminate (that despite my reservations) looks great, and is much cleaner.
Dec 13-17- Rachael, my amazing cousin who has moved in to help me and deserves way more than a one line thank you, took my boys down to visit my family on the central coast.
Dec 12-17- Jeremy's blood counts dropped, he felt like crap, and I tried to console him :((
Dec 18- My 1st born turned 5!! I threw him a surprise party, and he was rather shocked, in a good way!
Dec 20- The house was officially Jeremy proofed! Meaning we had the bedroom carpets cleaned, the house was deep cleaned, and the dog was shipped off to live with a friend for a month
Dec 22- JEREMY CAME HOME!!! 21 days after being admitted, they had given us a 21-30 day window of how long he would be in the hospital, and because my husband is a rock star 21days later he was home.
Dec 24-25- Christmas Eve & Christmas Day had some nice quiet time together as a family. Jeremy's parents came over Christmas day to celebrate with us.
Dec 26- Jan 9 my boys are on winter break...................and mom is about to snap!

So there it is, my month in review! A lot of other things happened but I believe that sums up most of it. Today is the 1st of January and I will tell you like I told Jeremy "On the 25th it will be one year since all of this cancer stuff started. I'm officially over it! Cancer can have one year and that's it! So we are moving on!" That's how it works right, I say it and so it is, ha ha if only!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I have a cold, so I'm not feeling like 2012 is starting that amazingly, not really horribly either, but definitely room for improvement. It's ok though because I know it's only getting better.

Bring it 2012!

Photo courtesy of Penny Sylvia


  1. What a cute pic!! 2012 will rock. My wish for you is that your little box up there that says "stuff I write about" will look very different...CANCER SUCKS won't be the biggest topic...instead we'll be SPLASHING. Love you!

  2. You have such an amazing circle of family and friends! I hope 2012 rocks.