Saturday, January 28, 2012

MIA: and proud of it

Obviously, since my last post was Jan 1st, I haven't blogged in awhile! At first I was a little sad about it, thinking I need to catch the masses up on  my life (haha the masses) but I've decided it's a good thing! I've been busy reconnecting with my family and adjusting to our new normal. So there will be no catching is proceeding as usual. Now be prepared for some boring selfish wants for my life in 2012.

This year I've decided that I'm reclaiming my life. I understand that for very good reason last year I was the last person on my mind! This year that will be different though. I've started exercising again, which is helping to make me feel like doing more good things for myself. Tomorrow I start a diet, or a lifestyle change for all of you uncomfortable with the word diet, with my cousin and sister in law. Feel free to join us if you are inspired. I've also started going out again.  For awhile I've felt like a hermit crab, I thrive off being with other people and have been sad not to socialize on a regular basis, so that will resume immediately. Lastly I am going to try to be a better mom. I realize that my kids are at "tough" ages (anyone know when the easy ages begin?), but there are days I REALLY dislike them.  Probably not the best thing to admit to the world, but it's the truth. I expect respect from them, but do not return the respect to them.  So I've decided to try to model more of what I expect to be the normal.

Moving on from my New Year- New You rant,  I'll end with a little tale from the life of a mom with two boys. A few weeks ago we were visitng family and when it was time for us to leave I sent both my boys to the bathroom together to change into their pj's before our hour drive home. While sitting in the living room all of a sudden I hear Oliver screaming, assuming they are fighting I get up calmly walk down the hall and ask the boys what they are fighting about. Sawyer opens the door and looks very guilty! Immediately I push the door open and rush in. Oliver is holding his penis, screaming! Screaming so much I can't understand what has happened, but I get him to let go of himself, and see that there is blood on his penis! Now I start screaming!!! Sawyer what did you do?? Why are you bleeding Oliver?? What's going on??? I'm sure everyone who could hear this thought we were nuts. Eventually I uncover that Sawyer was upset that Oliver got to the toilet before him, so while Oliver was peeing he shut the toilet lid. Well in case you don't have a three year old boy you may not know their business doesn't always even reach the top of the toilet bowl. Oliver stands on his tip toes to pee, so when the bowl shut it smashed everything between it! Long story long, Oliver is intact and mom is still a little traumatized. Hope your week is going well, and that I could make you laugh a little, or at least happy you don't have a penis!

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  1. I am now even more happy than ever that I don't have a penis and that I'm the oldest!! I hope MIA stands for "Momma in action" because it's awsome that you are taking what you need from life.