Saturday, February 4, 2012

Highs and Lows

So this week has had a lot of lows, but last night came the best high! Just as we were  heading to bed Jeremy checked his email, and there was an email from his Dr.....

Ok for those of you who don't speak Dr. speak (like me, haha) the last full body scan that they did, showed no visible signs of cancer!!!! Yay is right!! So feel free to join me tonight in toasting my husband for fighting a fight I hope you all never have to fight. To my family for enduring a year that I wouldn't wish on anyone.  Lastly to my marriage for somehow holding on by a string. Salud!

I've had a few casualties on this bumpy ride, my sanity, who needs to be sane anyway. The ability to live without coloring my hair, color is fun tho so, whateves. My credit, like I tell my brother bankruptcy is what all the cool kids are doing. But I would give up all those things a million times over to have my family whole and together for the next 100 years....the life expectancy rate is increasing right?

Well I'm crying to much to go much further so I love you all and thanks for coming along for the ride! Like my email signature says "enjoy the drama!"


  1. Our mutual friend, Erin G., in Redding referred me to your blog. She reads mine also, and I told her I want to "meet" other bloggers. She sent me your link, and I have enjoyed reading your posts.
    This one, however, strikes a chord with me, as I, too, am a cancer survivor. Mine was pancreatic and I was sick for all of last year. I return to San Francisco next week for a follow-up CAT scan. I hope it will be as good at Jeremy's!
    Congratulations to your entire family. I don't have children, but know how much cancer effects the entire family. (And friends.)
    I look forward to reading more posts about your beautiful family.