Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Kinda Mother Does That?

Once upon a time there was a girl who saw women who seemed to be so out of it and looked a hot mess while loosing there minds and felt a little sorry for them.  I was said girl! Now that I'm that woman I realized how hard it is to look like you always have it all together, especially when you add lil people to the mix.  I remember seeing women out with there kids, and the kids were wearing no pants just a diaper. I would think poor kid, why can't that mom put pants on her kid? I also remember going out with my first kid and feeling so proud of myself for being out by myself with my kid in the middle of the day. Then we would arrive at our destination and I would find out that he'd had a blow out and his whole outfit was covered in poop! It's ok I always have an extra outfit in the car....but that outfit no longer fits. Shit! Well there's no way I'm going back home now! I've finally made it out and I guess he will have to go in just a diaper. At the time I didn't think anything of it, it wasn't until later that I would think how trashy it must have looked. I could go on and on about things that I used to think about moms (all the while knowing someday I wanted to be one) but that would be pointless.

 I now know we all do the best we can each day. I also feel that if as a woman you were struggling at all before having kids, after having them it could easily throw you off the edge.  I think most of us at some point could use some assistance from the pharmacological world (presently myself included) to help us survive.  I'm not saying anything new, I just think parenting is hard work. Too many people make it out to seem like a euphoric experience when in reality there are lots of parts that are way more like hell then heaven.  I totally believe that the end result (when my boys move out, and have boys of there own) will be worth it. Until then I'll keep pop'n happy pills and continue my search for the best happy hour!

One of my stellar mom moments! Shopping for a christmas tree and didn't think to bring him pants, while we were all bundled, oops! :)

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  1. You know my line - I was such a great parent before I had kids.