Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Little Shit, Big Shit

So I'm attempting to get back into blogging, and I figure the easiest way to do this is with short blogs. So enjoy another quick tale of raising boys.

A few weeks ago Sawyer, who is now 5, was having a lot of trouble listening. So after threatening that he wouldn't get to go on a play date several times without having him change his attitude, I finally made a decision that he wasn't going. A few minutes later Jeremy comes into the room and is quickly irritated by Sawyer's attitude and again says "if you don't stop Sawyer you won't be going out later!" Sawyer runs to his room, while I explain to Jeremy that I already said he couldn't go.  My explanation: "just ignore him, he's being a little shit and I already said he couldn't go, so just leave him be." Again Sawyer was NOT in the room, but he quickly came running back and yells at the top of his lungs " I am not a little shit!!!!" Oh no, open mouth insert foot! I follow him back into his room, and immediately apologize, "I'm sorry Sawyer that was not nice, and I never should have said that. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings."  Chocking back tears he responds......"I.....am.... not......little!" I was able to hold back the laughter. It was very hard but I managed.

A smile from my big shit, on a better day! :) Happy Tuesday!

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