Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spanish or Spanglish or ???

I think all parents have things they want there kids to be able to do, but actually making sure that they do is another story. I want my kids to speak Spanish. Alas I am failing miserably! So in an effort to change this I am enrolling them in a Spanish immersion elementary school lottery. Only problem is, it's a lottery. So there is no guarantee that we will get in. So until April 25th I have every finger, toe, eye, leg and arm crossed! I am making a small effort though to help culture them, we have started listening to a lot of music in Spanish, our current favorite is:

I know any mother would be proud to have her kids idolizing this, I am so lucky. But even better is having them sing Pitbull to you:


  1. I first heard Danza Kuduro in Fast and Furious (#5 I think) and loved it, thanks for helping me find it again :)