Monday, May 7, 2012


Many moons ago, lets say about  10 years ago, I got a call from my sister. She was crying and venting about how miserable her new life was. She, her husband, and new born baby girl had moved to a town where they knew no one. She had left a life she loved to for a better job in the sticks. "Will you move down here and live with me?" That is why she called. I'll admit I did think about it, but not for too long, before saying yes. Because when you love someone, and they are hurting enough to ask for help, you help.

Nine months ago we found out Jeremy would need a bone marrow transplant. After eight months of what felt like hell, we would have to go into a deeper hell?! I honestly didn't know how I was going to manage.  My boys had become clingy, fearful, angry people that I didn't recognize. I don't blame them, they were constantly being shuffled from one of my amazing friends to another. That is not a life they knew how to handle. The thought of Jeremy being in the hospital for a month and not knowing where or better who would watch my kids was very scary. So I made a similar call to the one I had received, and asked my cousin Rachael to move in with me. She agreed and last October Rachael moved into our house.

Yesterday Rachael moved out......Words can not express my gratitude for what she did for me and my family. She cared for my babies, even when they were mean and hurtful to her. She cleaned my house day after day so that I wouldn't go insane. We celebrated four holidays together. We drove through three states together. We planned birthday parties, going away parties, cinco de mayo parties, basically we partied for eight months...I wish it had been one big party, but I'm sure there are parts she hopes to soon forget. Hopefully there are more moments she will always want to remember. As for me, I will always remember the gratitude and love that I feel for her, and wish only great things for her future.

Snuggling with Oliver

The best clown ever!! 

Grown up play date = Karaoke
We love you Auntie!!  Please be sure to come back and visit soon!


  1. Rachel is amazing, we have grown to love her over the past few months. I am so glad that you had her to call to come help, I am also glad that your life is on the way back to some form or normal and that you are able to face it without her.

  2. Okay I am totally misty over here. Rachael is such a beautiful spirit and although the circumstances of her coming to live with you were bad she touched so many lives by coming up here. :)

  3. Thank you Liz for saving me all those moons ago! I am blessed to have your love and support!

  4. This is such an amazing post, Liz. Rachael is a god send!!