Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Public Service Announcement #2

Did that get your attention? I know how dangerous it is to talk about politics, even with family, yet this is something we should be talking about! With only days to go, I hope and pray that this will pass!! If you are registered to vote in California please please please vote yes on prop 29! I personally am actually not anti-cigarettes.  I have smoked them, I have family members who smoke, I believe we all know someone who smokes or smoked. Jeremy has never smoked a cigarette. Never. I know crazy right? So how does he get cancer and I don't?  I am anti-cancer. There aren't a lot of cancers that have a definite cause and effect response, but one of the only things we know is that if you smoke cigarettes your chances of getting cancer greatly increase! It only seems fair that people who choose to take that risk should help in finding a cure for all of those who get stuck fighting this impossible disease because they got that gene. I can't stress enough no matter what you may have seen on a commercials, or what you may have read, this is a good proposition, and the only reason people think it shouldn't pass is because tobacco companies have spent millions trying to convince us otherwise. While Doctors may struggle to get funding, there is no shortage of money being handed over to tobacco companies. Help me make a difference.


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