Monday, May 21, 2012

A beautiful life

Last week we buried my Bopbop, and for someone who has been to more then my share of funerals, it was beautiful.  From the moment our entire family processed down the aisle of the church, with his sons leading the way. To the BBQ in my aunt's yard where we spent the day reminiscing about the amazing man who had gathered us all together that day. The most beautiful part for me was something that I had never experienced before, a military burial.

My grandpa served for 31 years in the air force. It is amazing to me that even though that was many many years ago, 7 people who are currently in the air force, showed up to honor the time he gave our country. They don't know him. They didn't owe him anything. Yet they came and stood at his side while he was laid to rest. They presented a flag to my uncle Kurt, and as they did the officer thanked him for the time my grandpa had served. The words came out heartfelt and honest, and brought most of us to tears. Lastly they shot several rounds into the air and played taps for him.  Very few songs immediately bring me to tears, but there is something about they way this is done that is hard not to be moved.  The whole thing was beautiful.

I find myself crying now just thinking about it. It was a perfect ending to the beautiful life he lead.

Me and my boys wishing him a happy 90th birthday!

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