Monday, October 15, 2012

All about me!

Since it's all about me month I thought I'd share some info about myself. Then I remembered that years ago on facebook there was a game where everyone was sharing random info about themselves and then the blog wrote itself! Enjoy my 25 random facts about me! :)

1-I have no middle name 
2-I was named for my grandmother (dad's mom) 
3-My name was chosen out of a hat as to which grandma it would be so I could have been Mariana! 
4-enough about my name- I am one of twelve siblings: one of 4 biologically, 4-step, 4-half! 
5-the thought of having a girl gave me nightmares when I was pregnant 
6-I met my husband when I was 12 
7-I'm first generation born in the USA (on my mom's side) 
8-I'm 1/2 Mexican and Spanish was my primary language until I started school 
9-I have a tramp stamp (tattoo on lower back) 
10-I thought I was going to die when I was giving birth to my second child and yet if I got pregnant again would do it exactly the same! 
11-I am a very compulsive shopper! and I shop when I'm stressed! 
12-wearing make up scares me! I feel whoreish when wearing it! I know I'm a head case! 
13- I am seeing someone because I realize I'm a head case! 
14- I worry about death (mine, yours, anyone I'm close to) on a daily basis!... see above 
15-I have always loved to cook! I think I might have chosen the wrong career! 
16- I'm a nationally certified massage therapist even though I've never worked as one! 
17-I hate the way my toes look, but love wearing no shoes! Ahh the dilemma! 
18-I have a VERY deep belly button! Even when pregnant I could barely see where it ended! 
19-The 1st time I got drunk I was in the 7th grade! -Thanks Ken 
20-My mom passed away when I was five... hence probably causing #14 
21-Billy Joel is one of my favorite musicians! and I can name or sing along to an usually large amount of 70-80's songs! 
22-My grandma has felt my husbands ass! to prove that it is as nice as i was saying! :) love your ass honey! 
23-I can't remember the last time I slept 8hrs! 
24-I dream of starting a business in the near future! (hopefully a children's consignment) 
25-I some how have a way to help people in crisis! if you are in a bad place, know you can call, I promise I'll be an ear to listen , a shoulder to cry on and know you won't be the first! 

Ok random side note this was written before my sister decided to open a children's consignment store. I do still have dreams of starting a new career soon but it's much more in line with #25. I'm not ready to share just yet, I'm figuring out logistics but soon I promise.  


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