Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Simple Joys

So within minutes of posting about my goal for the month I received this text:

No need to tell me, I know I have the best friends! That text lead to a lunch date that looked like this:

When later that week Jeremy went to Portland, I got to enjoy some time with one of my favorite  cousins (just to cover my a$$ they are all my favorites!) who just moved to to the bay area!

I ended the weekend with help from another awesome friend, who watched my kids so I could get some yoga in!

It's amazing how a little sweat can get me in such a good mood! I went home and cleaned the house so that Monday morning came and was a breeze! I ended week 1 of my all about me month with a medical procedure to remove a cyst on my back. I know it sounds fabulous, but it was one more thing that I have been needing to do, so guess what? It's done! You may not be a freak like me but it was really  cool to see the thing they removed was the size of a large grape! :) More updates, and hopefully a lot more fun things to come in the next 3 weeks!


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