Thursday, January 14, 2016

Village Life

We all know that saying: It takes a village to raise a child. I've read a couple things recently saying that wasn't so. That in today's world we don't know our neighbors, and are all so estranged from each other, but I disagree. I think maybe villages are harder to see then they once were. Back in the day a group of woman may have been tending children while another group was preparing meals for everyone while the men were off hunting our next dinner. When one person fell another stepped up and took the load. We all benefited from each other. It's easy to see that it took everyone to raise the children. What about now? I feed my family everyday, Jeremy and I both work, both care for our boys, both are tired and done at the end of the day.......and no village is in sight. So we are doing it on our own? Maybe.

In actuality our village is alive and moving all around us, it just looks different. I live in a town where our closest relative is a two hour drive away. Next a six hour drive away, or a two hour flight. That's awfully far for anyone to step up for a much needed date night. Or what about a kids who's sick and has to stay home from school. God forbid you have an actual emergency, you know one where it's ongoing for months with no end or help in sight...who then do you turn to? That's exactly where the village steps in. I didn't even know I had a village before Jeremy got sick. I thought I had some nice friends. Some like minded people I hung out with on a regular basis. Don't get me wrong I was super happy to have my friends but I had honestly never considered if they would run towards me or away from me if I caught on fire. I now know. Without question there are people in life who step up and run (with reckless abandon) towards those people in need.

I know for a fact I live in village. I'm surrounded by amazing humans who raise me up daily. Thank you for being my village.

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