Monday, June 20, 2011


Since the day he was born people have told me that Sawyer looks like his dad. Actually that was the first description I got of him. As the nurses cleaned him up, before I'd laid an eye on him, I asked my sister what does he look like? Her response was "Well I hope you like how his dad looks because he looks just like him!" I didn't see it. I still rarely see it, but every time someone meets Sawyer and Jeremy together they comment on how much they look alike. Last week I saw it!

My sister was here visiting with her girls and they were dyeing their hair, so of course my boys wanted to join in. I allowed Sawyer to join the fun, the process consisted of first bleaching the hair then dyeing it pink, red, and turquoise. When Jeremy and I were first dating he bleached his hair on a  regular basis. Seeing Sawyer with the exact same hair brought back so many memories!

The photo quality on both of these pics is not good but you can see the resemblance I'm talking about right? Crazy!!

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  1. When I see your kids, or my kids or any of the kids we spend a lot of time with, I don't see them looking like anyone. I just see them.

    I love Jeremy, I love Sawyer but I vote they both look better in brown.