Sunday, October 16, 2011

All roads lead home

So after my very vague email/blog yesterday everything changed. Not really a shock at this point because in the last 3 days while Jeremy was in the hospital we would see between 3-5 departments a day, and each one always presented different treatment plans.  The one thing they did all agree on is that the transplant Dr. held the most vote in the course of treatment, and that the other opinion they were listening to a lot was the Cardiologist, because of the clots location.

Back to yesterday...Sometime in the morning the cardiologist came in to talk and explained that in his ideal world nothing would be done to the clot. He wanted Jeremy to stay on blood thinners and let the clot dissolve naturally. His concern was that in trying to remove it, they could do a lot of damage. Although he emphasized that leaving it be could take months. We don't have months. The transplant Dr. wants Jeremy to be in the hospital receiving his bone marrow transplant before thanksgiving.  This is the dilemma we keep coming back to.

Knowing that the Dr.'s where trying really hard to find the best option is not always a comforting thought.  It's hard when they don't have an immediate response. You come to expect that they know what they are doing, so stumping 4 departments is hard to do, and a little scary. Late yesterday afternoon Jeremy's oncology Dr.'s came back in and joyfully announced "We have a plan!" You have no idea how exciting it was to hear that!! After days of hearing that they weren't sure what to do, having a plan was a huge relief. But what is the plan? The transplant Dr. finally decided that they are going to proceed to transplant as planned, without touching the clot. She understood that the Cardiologist's fear of removing the clot was a very valid point. So she is going to leave Jeremy on blood thinners and move on. It does make the transplant a little more difficult, but with difficulties they have faced with other patients. She is confident that we can continue the way things are.

So....We are all home. We are all smiling. We are all believing.

Yesterday Morning

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  1. Liz and Jeremy,

    My name is Jennifer. Got your blog from Liz Golla (Liz's workout partner). My husband, Todd, and I have gone through three BM transplants. So, we can slightly :-) relate to the emotions that take you up and down and all arounds from day to day or all within the same day.

    Just wanted to let you know that Todd and I are praying for you both. We have been for the last several weeks (ever since Liz told us about your story). I know this road is not traveled by many our age, and can be very scary as you go down it. We would love to connect with you if you'd like. ( I can imagine just getting to the phone can be a challenge. :-) So, there is no pressure! We're here for you if you'd like to chat!

    Jennifer Smith (our blog site)