Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's my life, and I kinda like it

Ok peeps get ready to hear me vent a little....

I got married young, to my high school sweetheart. I realize this, I choose this. I'm 28 have been married over 7 years and have two boys (4 & 3). Don't look at me sympathetically when I say I'm married with two kids. I choose this!!!  I like it!!! My kids were not mistakes, I was not a teen mother, and I wanted them to be 19 months apart!!! Don't ask if they are twins and then look at me like I'm a crazy person when I say No! Who are you to judge my life? As a matter of fact I'm happy with the way my life is going. Honestly I believe all of these things mention above are awesome!! Had we decided to wait until we were more financially stable before having kids, we probably would not have had the opportunity to have our own children.  My husband is 29, has 2 boys that not only look like him they are growing up to be like him in so many other ways. Had we waited this would not be our reality. Did we know this at that time? NO! But would we change a day? NO! (Ok maybe this last year, but that's all)

Anyhow, apparently I'm a little sensitive lately, but it seems this has come up a lot for me recently.  The most difficult thing for me is the look that comes across peoples faces. Why would anyone assume I'm not happy with my life? Or that I didn't plan it to be like this? For the record I like my life! Also in case you are wondering I don't care if you think I'm crazy!

I think you are crazy if you wouldn't want this life!


  1. I know the feeling. I get the "Oh my!! You have 3 girls, all 2 years apart?!?" look. I justsay.."yes and we are all very happy thank you for asking." LOL.
    You're family is wonderful :) Enjoy every moment!

  2. I have lived here two weeks and I love your life, (except for the C shit) but I have always admired you for choosing your life and how you live it. Who cares? You are you! That husband and those boys are motivated and happy because of you being their wife and mother!