Saturday, October 15, 2011

Letter to friends

So we've had a bit of a crazy week here at Kasa Kennish, and at the moment I can't elaborate too much, but here is a letter I sent my friends with the general idea of what's going on.

Hey Everyone,
so it's been a bit of a crazy week. On Wednesday Jeremy went in for a follow up MRI when they found a blood clot in his heart. The clot is at the end of his port or internal iv. They admitted him, and started him on blood thinners. 
This morning they told us they think it might be a mass not a blood clot. After speaking with his oncologist she is not worried that it is a mass, she believes it to be a blood clot. Either way the next step is to do a scope down his throat to get a closer look and be positive that it is a clot. That will take place sometime on Monday, they are keeping Jeremy in the hospital until then because his chance of being pushed aside greatly increase if they let him go home. It has taken until now to get a clear (still somewhat foggy) picture of what's to come. After the scope, assuming it is a blood clot, there are still 2 different options, One is is to remove his port, and let the clot just release and break itself up. Option 2 is to crack his chest open and remove the clot before removing the port. We won't know which one is happening until Monday when they finish the scope and see which option they deem most necessary. Either way the port will be out on Monday. Obviously there is a much greater recovery with his chest being cracked open, but there are risks of the clot not breaking up if they remove the port with out removing the clot first. Long story long :) we really don't know which option we are hoping for. This new discovery will also affect the rest of Jeremy's treatment because he will need to stay on blood thinners, they are not excited about this, but will be able to continue treatment. It will probably mean that he needs blood or plasma transfusions.

Anyhow, I'm not really sure what I am trying to get at, but I know that having my support team on board is always a necessity! I love you all!

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  1. We love you guys! Jeremy we love you buddy and we will keep you in our prayers. We have been following your story closely through this blog and we just wanted to let you know that we are expecting the best news possible for you and your family! Love the Haydens