Sunday, November 6, 2011

What a week

I'm linking up with my friend Kim again this week to give you a quick glance at a hectic week

 was Halloween and we all love Halloween in this house, so enjoy!

Sawyer got to go to the Dr. for the nasty cough that has invaded my house. And the boys made us dinner.

I went to the movies with some girlfriends, and like all good mothers....we spiked the coke!

Sawyer and I went on a date. He was extremely well behaved, and as much as I had tried to convince him to do anything but bowl, it was a lot of fun!


Was the longest day of the week for sure! Oliver had surgery on Friday, and as anyone can imagine even though it wasn't for anything scary it still is hard to see your child that way. But I did take some pics!

We ended the week with a very lazy day on the couch watching movies, listening to the rain. We even had our first fire of the year.

Hope your week went well, I enjoyed sharing mine with you!



  1. All in one week? Feel like forever since we were together. My how the weeks are long... i love you! Great pic of Oliver looking at dad on the pillow. he has so much expression in his eyes!

  2. Oh vey, what a week... I hope this one is a little less eventful...

  3. "We" spiked the coke. Hmmm -- I seem to remember someone taking the lead on that.