Thursday, December 4, 2014

Life Goes On

I'll get right to the point, I have no news on Jeremy, but feel free to keep reading (or not) to hear about other stuff.

It's been in some ways, a very long couple of weeks. I keep pretending that as soon as my mind is clear it doesn't wander to some form of "please don't be back" thought, but that is pretty much exactly where it goes. Luckily we've had some great distractions while we wait for the results. Since Thanksgiving was last week and we had the whole week off school we decided to pack up and head north! The boys spent all week playing with cousins and I got to spend all week surrounded by the warmth of family I don't see often enough. We played in the cold, we played in the rain, and on our last day we even played in the snow.  When you are having so much fun it was hard to remember the reality of what awaits you at home, but it was easy to remember that life goes on. No matter how crappy I felt on days, I had to remember that there were small people (who have no idea about my troubles) waiting to see me smile. So we played...

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