Friday, January 2, 2015

An Attitude of Gratitude

Before I start I realize I've never really cleared up Jeremy's scan stuff! So he did have both follow ups and both tests came back good. The liver one is completely clear, and the lung one has a small area (like less then 4cm) that looks like an infection, they will need to rescan that again in a few months to be sure that an infection is all it was. Thank you all for always keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!

Ok moving on. This year for Christmas we went absolutely no where! And it was FABULOUS!! The holidays had gone from one of our very favorite times of the year to one of our most hated seasons in recent years.  With all of Jeremy's illness centering around this time, it's been hard to feel grateful or even just happy around Christmas time, this year was different. Under much pressure from some family members (that will remain nameless for their safety) we decided not to travel this year, Jeremy and I worried the boys might be sad about this, but honestly they weren't.  We woke up Christmas morning opened presents and stockings, then Jeremy's mom and dad came over and we had a late brunch and round two of presents. After a quiet movie on the couch we all went for a walk, then started prepping our dinner. It was bedtime when Oliver pointed out how we hadn't gotten out of our pj's ALL DAY!! He was so proud of himself! He's been wanting a pj day for a long time. In that moment I realized that Christmas time is coming around for us again.

As the last year has come to an end and 2015 has started a lot of my friends on social media have been talking about how crappy last year was and how ready they were for the bright new beginnings coming, and all I kept thinking how lucky I am not to feel the same way. 2014 brought me untold happiness. A year ago today I was wine tasting on a party bus with my family and friends, and it was an amazing day! Then we went to Disneyland as a family for a few days, ummm who doesn't want to start a year at the happiest place on earth? Last year we vacationed at the beach for spring break, Jeremy and I took our first solo trip (requiring an airplane) since having kids, we got to watch friends exchange vows, we camped, we swam (a lot), we moved, I started and stuck with a fitness program, and we just played!! We lived so hard! It exhausts me just thinking about all the fun we had, and I would trade very little of it.

This year is starting much slower, we don't have anything planned right now, we have unconsciously created a quiet moment and it has been bliss. I am not going to make a new years resolution, I am just going to continue my journey. My journey has taken a turn full of sunshine and green grass, cloudless skies and blue's beautiful. I am grateful for this turn every day. 2014 was a great year in Casa Kennish, but don't let that fool you I have even bigger expectations for 2015 because of it!

This is how we rang in the new year, with a family hike on a beautiful sunny day.

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